The “Calypso” project is a collaboration between Decibels, Audiovisability, Barbados Council for the Disabled, SpecialKidz International, The Peter Boos Foundation and other partners.

It will bring together deaf and hearing musicians, artists, film makers, and writers from across the UK, USA, and Barbados. Music is a powerful expressive tool in society and, in our digital age, often attracts and inspires people from all corners of the world.

This thought provoking project is a very real, exciting and ground-breaking opportunity for the deaf community of Barbados (+ the UK & Worldwide ) to be brought to the forefront of attention, building self-confidence, language development, and pride. It will promote engagement with the hearing world and the opportunity for the deaf community to begin harnessing their talents and using new skills to establish community projects and businesses of their own. Please help us generate the overall funds of £118K including £40K we are seeking from the GoFundMe Appeal- Calypso-Supporting Deaf Lives through Music & Arts.)