As part of the Decibels “Creating Music through Technology” project sponsored by Sobell Foundation, Eloise Garland & Ken Carter were invited by Fiona Duncan, Senior Teaching Fellow in Audiology & Paediatrics, to give two short presentations at UCL (University College, London) Ear Institute to an International Group of Advanced Audiological Management course members on Friday, 15th March, 2019.

Eloise Garland posed the question “Where are all the Deaf Musicians?

Her Synopsis was: Despite hearing aids and other assistive technologies developing at a staggering rate today, musicians are often left feeling dissatisfied with the limitations of such devices. So, why are people with hearing loss still left behind when it comes to hearing, understanding, and appreciating music, and what can we do to help? The outcomes of her highly impressive talk will be added to this short introduction.

Ken Carter’s posed the following “Creating challenges through Decibels”

His synopsis was:  To demonstrate how Decibels has been able to create challenging, empowering and enjoyable activities for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, have other related disabilities and hearing people and for them to be able to appreciate more about sound, silence, music, art, film, drama and new technologies including audiology & hearing aids.

Decibels has delivered, by outstanding deaf & hard of hearing role models, projects such as Colour Music, Playing Music Together, Kidzaloud, Sign along with Music, Circle of Sound, Visual Music, Seeing Music, Hands on Shakespeare, Music for Special Children. Mention was made of the House of Lords - Year of Sound, sponsorship of the Audiovisability “Unheard World”, Dressage, Arts Council, England’s Decibels Unlocked project, Music Technology and Sobell Foundation sponsored “Creating Music through Technology & other initiatives. Decibels wants “All people including people with Deafness & other Disabilities” to have as many opportunities as possible to develop their creativity and discover their talents”.