RUBBENA AURANGZEB-TARIQ is Deafax’s Lead Trainer (having worked with them for over 20 years), Co-Chair of Directors for Deaf Aspirations, and is involved as a Senior Consultant on a Decibels project funded by the Sobell Foundation entitled “Developing the creative arts for the disabled though digital Technologies”

She is also an extraordinarily talented artist.

So we bring you her solo art exhibition in Dyers Art Centre, New York, USA.

Where she exhibited 40 paintings and drawings, 3 films and a new installation.

Do check out her exhibition.

To know more about the exhibition, find the tour in BSL with captions and voiceover below

Exhibition ends 17th May 2024.

Facebook: Rubbena-Aurangzeb-Tariq-Artist
Instagram: Rubbena-Art
Twitter: @RubbenaArt