The Leighton Park School production of “Sweeney Todd-the Demon Barber of Fleet Street” was attended by Ken Carter (Founder/Executive Director of Decibels) and Helen Lansdown (CEO of Deafax) on 9th February 2016. They were invited by Aiyana Tandon, who with Niamh Green, Matt Denham, George Hale & Harry Taylor, had been part of the team that raised £3K as part of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) to promote the Decibels  “Hands on Shakespeare” project.

There is no evidence that Todd actually existed. He was the invention of Edward Lloyd who created him for the Penny Dreadful pamphlets so beloved  by the Victorians. The tale was first entitled “The String of Pearls”-these stories captivated  the public’s imagination  and became embedded in folklore. Charles Dickens was a particular fan.

Ken & Helen considered the production to be brilliantly produced and it could have easily been performed in the West End. Aiyana’s role and outfit as one of the Principal Chorus Captains & Principal Soloists was in character & sparkling. Niamh took  a leading role as Mrs Nellie Lovett and was quite outstanding in this melodramatic and macabre production with music by Stephen Sondheim. She has enormous potential as a future actress & singer-see her on the cover of the programme attached”.