Why are you interested in this project?

I’m interested in this project because technology is central to being able to communicate my work as a filmmaker and journalist to a wider audience. For a start, my work is recorded using technology (such as video cameras, laptops and smart phones) and I also use the internet to share my work, through platforms like social media and video sharing sites.

Three examples of past work

  • Found – documentary about three Deaf people’s discovery of the Deaf world and culture (28 mins, 2015. Producer/Director)
  • The Kiss – comedy about a Deaf couple who meet a non-deaf couple in a café (7 mins, 2014. Writer/Director)
  • Four Deaf Yorkshiremen go to Blackpool– comedy about four deaf old men who go on holiday (28 mins, 2014. Writer/Director)

More films at: http://charlieswinbourne.com/films/

Tell us about yourself

I am a filmmaker, scriptwriter and journalist.

Website: http://charlieswinbourne.com

Blog: http://limpingchicken.com (this is a platform for many deaf writers, which I edit, as well as writing regular blogs myself)

How do you use technology in your work?

I use iPhones to record rehearsals and workshops, and to communicate in BSL with Deaf performers and crew. I use a laptop to write scripts and to edit clips and films. I also use social media to market myself and my work.