About the project

Unlocked: Mapping Technology for Creativity is a research project sponsored by Arts Council England.

With many Deaf and disabled people needing to make use of technology in order to develop their creative practice, Unlocked aims to amass intelligence relating to Deaf and disabled artists and disability arts organisations use of arts-based technologies and how these technologies can maximize their creativity.

Decibels’ objective is that this research will support Deaf and disabled students, emerging artists along with national and international arts organisations working in this field to enhance their creativity.



The Research

The way Decibels’ gathered the research for Unlocked was made up of various strands such as:

  • Q&A"s – Decibels hosted live Twitter Q&A’s with Deaf/disabled professional artists and disability arts organisations to ask questions about their use of arts-based technologies in their creative work
  • Case studies – invited artists & organisations to submit a written case study around what arts-based technologies they use, there advantages & disadvantages
  • Academics / researchers – inviting those working at the intersection of creativity, technology and disability to submit work that provides further insight into how technology is being used in the disability arts setting and to what effect.

All of this information and more can be found here on the Unlocked webpage.

Decibels hopes that the online resource will provide Deaf and disabled people –and their colleagues, friends and carers – information about which products might offer them the greatest opportunity to develop their creativity and talents.



Get Involved

Deaf and/or disabled artists / disability arts organisations

If you would like to get involved with Unlocked (this could be submitting a case study or a user review of a new technology available) then please get in touch.


The Future

Decibels is looking to gain more funding to further the research of Unlocked and in doing so, develop the Unlocked online resource. Watch this space!