1. Visual Music

The aim of this project and subsequent module was to open up the world of music to deaf children by showing them music through alternative senses. The music module follows the national curriculum and looks at the concept of pitch, through environment and instruments. The module is visual and interactive. The module has been used as part of a series of workshops, alongside members of the Philharmonia Orchestra (this additional work was funded by a grant from 2-Ten FM and in collaboration with a music charity called Decibels). The children loved playing with the module on an interactive whiteboard. They can play the different sounds and see what makes the noise. The comments from the teachers were also encouraging as they had been attempting to teach pitch all term and now the children have finally understood.

Pulse & Rhythm (part of Visual Music)

To use technology to understand musical notation and its link to speech. The workshops to match pupils with various levels of understanding music – for some they may learn the basics, and for others, encouraging them to be challenged with advanced learning in musical notation but all get to an opportunity to use Deafax’s new interactive deaf-friendly Visual Music DVD.