As Decibels believes in a world where all people should have opportunities to develop their creativity & discover their talents, we wanted this challenging project to enable participants, especially those with deafness & other related disabilities, to develop their creativity and unlock their abilities. We decided to work with Audiovisabilty, an organisation lead by Deaf Creatives, as we wanted to create a flagship project that brings the Deaf community & hearing world together, creating better opportunities for children, young people & emerging professionals in the creative industries. For many years now, we have been aware that the Deaf community are often isolated by their access needs & the mainstream world is often not equipped with the knowledge, skills or confidence to work with the Deaf Community. This project fostered better relationships with organisations & professionals within the creative industries to help better understanding, created opportunities & brought together deaf and hearing & people for meaningful dialogue, creativity & celebrating especially after the pandemic.

Please read our full interim report to the National Lottery Awards For All by clicking here