Using technology as a tool, the project presents a range of musical activities through a highly visual and engaging approach. Training in these methods is delivered to deaf children (and also where appropriate hearing children, for example deaf children’s siblings or friends) through hands-on workshops in schools, deaf clubs & other events (approximately 10 children in a group). Although the module is based upon the Educational National Curriculum it is pioneering in its approach to using music, a selection of sounds, vibrations, rhythm and musical instruments to present and illustrate music both visually and accessible to deaf children. Deaf trainers also participate and are able to act as role models to young deaf children.

The central theme of the modular activity is music composition. Music composition is used throughout the school national curriculum. This central theme links to other individual areas e.g. Musical Terms; Pitch; Tempo; Dynamics; Timbre and Rhythm. Touch is used as a way of communicating music

This project was supported by ORANGE and implemented in collaboration with Deafax