Decibels and Circle of Sound have worked together on a community music project in the areas of Woodley and Wokingham which followed a series of nine sessions, for adults who have learning disabilities. The Circle of Sound is a renowned community organisation based in West Berkshire and do a lot of workshops in those surrounding areas, they are also linked with the Time Spanners which is a twenty-one piece community music group who play exciting percussion drive music and have a varied music style. We are delighted to have worked alongside Circle of Sound to enable a stronger and richer music community in Berkshire.

The music sessions focused on the use of Sound Beam 5, which is an interactive MIDI hardware and software system and has in built sampling, in built synthesiser, amplifier and mini-keyboard with a varied sample library and preset soundest for musical composition and performance.

The group had an opportunity to develop, explore musical sounds and create a piece integrating it with new original music created by the group themselves.

‘It was really pleasing to see the group transform from a collection of individuals to a dynamic musical team over the nine weeks of the project’. Over the nine week period, as the group gradually found their feet, they really took ownership of the project and fed in their own original ideas and enthusiasms!’

- Mark, Circle of Sound Director

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