An evaluation of the Art & Music Workshops ran by Eloise Garland and Melissa Mostyn for the Decibels & Audiovisability “Creating Music Through Technology” project, which is sponsored by the Sobell Foundation.

Eloise Garland and Melissa Mostyn ran a total of four afternoon workshop sessions over two weeks in May 2019, working with two sets of students at the PACE centre in Alyesbury. They took place at both their Primary School and their Secondary School.

The sessions were an opportunity to promote Subpac technology in a specialist educational setting and a way of building on previous collaborative work on a Decibels and Audiovisability Creating Music through Technology R&D project, funded by the Sobell Foundation and Arts Council England (ACE). This revolved round Laurentia Tan, a medal-winning deaf Para-dressage rider, and her access to music in international competitive dressage - which made Decibels and Audiovisability, a multi-disciplinary creative initiative with music and deaf people at its core, ideal partners.

Please click below to read the full report by Melissa, or read Eloise’s report on her website by clicking here.